Untitled (2015) | Tessa R. Groenewoud

  • Untitled/ Upload (2015) - in development

Untitled/ Upload
- in development

Three old treasured photo prints from childhood were uploaded in a search engine. The option to search for visually similar images on the web brings forth hundreds of results. The combination of the original print and the scrolling through available pictures on the internet raises questions of underlying algorithms of the search engine and juxtaposes the singular to the excessive. The nature of the images appearing on the screen is overtly different, since the vast majority are recent pictures, in essence linked to the new predominant ways of the media of the internet. If the same search was done instead in material family photo albums of a similar generation, it would be much easier to find comparable photographs. The uploading of a private photograph feels like a sacrifice to the stream of images online, where the destination and viewers become uncertain, but is unavoidable to see the results.